What our clients have in common is that they are interested in getting results. Results, yes - but that's not enough. They understand that business is not just about income, it's about outcomes. Producing good outcomes is about getting the right results the right way. That's why they value transcendent leadership. Here are some direct testimonials from clients.

Client Testimonials
Working with Patrick has given me a fresh approach to further develop my skills as a leader. I have found value in the way he asks questions to guide me to see past where I am and show me where I could go... I am encouraged that I will succeed in taking myself to a higher level.
- Director of Supply Chain and Customer Service

For organizational development and staffing and strategic HR matters, I would hire Patrick in a heartbeat. Into our OD decisions, he brought the ability to think a few steps past the present day issues and he's got the solid skills and practical know-how to be a reliable partner. When I think about surrounding myself with the best people I can find, no question I take Patrick.
- Director of Sales

[Patrick] always impressed me with his ability to weave through the mess, identify the critical issues, and recommend what was needed for improvement. We worked together for a brief time, but I always respected his view and came away learning a lot... I'm sure others will benefit from his business savvy and his ability to train professionals at all levels to identify areas of concern, define ownership, improve processes, and build better relationships to achieve results.
- Plant Engineer

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