The Company
Patrick Ogburn
Patrick Ogburn
Founder & President, FullTilt Leadership
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Patrick's experience with and passion for leadership began early in his career at the Air Force Academy, and has grown through a succession of experiences that have reinforced the conviction that leaders have an outsized impact. Organizations that understand this have an edge... More about Patrick

Not every problem organizations face is rooted in leadership -- but solutions to their biggest challenges are. The toughest and most nuanced issues companies face: retaining the best employees, engaging the employees you have, engendering innovation, navigating change, etc. can be solved by great leadership. FullTilt Leadership will help you close the leadership gap. We will work alongside you to get clear about where you are and where you would like to take your organization. Most importantly, we will help you get there. We use a personalized approach to work directly with your leaders and leadership teams, and we can help you build (or refine) processes and tools to sustainably develop your leaders.

The Need
Global economic systems, world events, the internet, failures of major financial systems and institutions, and a generation of workers who have grown up with instant access to information from around the world are changing the workplace in ways we are only beginning to understand. The only constant is the increasing demand for true leaders. These challenges present opportunities for your business. It is up to leaders to not only recognize opportunities, but also to lead others to realize them.

While the popular refrain has become more relevant in recent times, there is nothing new or appealing about "do more with less" in and of itself. However, when done in the spirit of true leadership, the environment is one that maximizes positive outcomes rather than simply results. The demands of leadership in today’s workplace require leaders to respond in a balanced way that respects the complexities inherent in leading people and organizations.

Answering the Need
Elevating your game requires more than simply staying comfortable. Leadership is not simply a job or a set of skills and competencies -- it is a discipline. As with other recognized disciplines, to truly become great, a leader needs to devote energy and commitment to the practice of leadership. The great leader recognizes this, and learns to not only leverage their natural sweet spot, but to balance their mix of strengths in a focused and intentional way.

FullTilt Leadership can help your leadership team develop awareness about the nature of leadership and more specifically of the impact that they have in the organization. Further, we will help you develop your leaders in a practical way, and build or refine systems and tools to sustainably develop your leaders

“FullTilt” implies a no-holds-barred approach to leadership. Paradoxically, this requires balance.

As leaders, we all have a leadership “sweet spot.” Many of us see this, in ourselves and in other leaders we respect:

  • The Impact leader, whose gift is to turn ideas to action and make things happen.
  • The Connection leader, who builds bridges, and connects the right people to rally them around the vision.
  • The Clarity leader, who brings clarity of thinking and empathy to help others see, understand, and connect with the mission.
  • The Structure leader, who brings a practical understanding of what is needed and applies the rigor of process to make success replicable.

The true leader finds ways to apply her/his best to balance all of these strengths.

The demands of leadership in today’s workplace require leaders to respond in a balanced way that respects the complexities inherent in leading people and organizations.