Organizational Climate: The Levers of Change
FullTilt Leadership can help you measure and understand the complexities and subtleties of organizational climate, one of the few human capital measures that is a "lead" indicator of retention and effectiveness. When properly understood and applied, climate measures can give leaders access to the levers of change in their organization.

OrgScan Climate Assessment Tool

OrgSCAN is a third-generation leadership and organizational culture assessment tool and performance tracking system. It is built on 25 years of academic research including the work of Kotter & Heskett (Harvard), Dan Denison (University of Michigan) and Tom Peters (In Search of Excellence), and perfected though our 11 years of development and use in both the private and public sectors. No other assessment tool on the market today is more holistic or easier to use than OrgSCAN.

A scientifically based organizational assessment is a powerful leadership tool to understand the culture (values, attitudes, beliefs and processes) of an organization, define meaningful change, and develop a baseline measure of the culture of an intact team, group, division or an entire global corporation. It defines and uncovers cultural strengths and weaknesses.

Leadership Benefits:
  • The organization can measure effectiveness and alignment of managers and leaders through all levels of the enterprise.
  • OrgSCAN directs upper management to areas of opportunity and areas where additional resources are needed to accomplish the stated vision, values, attitudes and beliefs.
  • OrgSCAN measures management’s communication effectiveness, as perceived by its internal stakeholders.

The OrgSCAN model is based on an organic analogy that profiles how a company thinks, organizes, acts and grows. It is behavioral-based and used to identify and prioritize what organizational cultural changes are in order. The results from this type of assessment provide a fact base from which to develop realistic and implementable change programs.