Assessment Solutions
FullTilt Coaches and Consultants are certified in the use of a variety of organizational, personality, and competency assessments which are applied as your team’s needs dictate. These tools can be used as a supplemental component to a wide variety of organizational effectiveness and leadership development efforts. In addition to the tools noted below, examples of other instruments used by our team include Center for Creative Leadership, Management Research Group, and Hogan Assessments.

OrgSCAN Climate Assessment Tool
OrgSCAN Climate Assessment Tool
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OrgSCAN is a scientifically based organizational assessment that is a powerful leadership tool to understand culture (values, attitudes, beliefs and processes) and develop a baseline measure of the culture of an intact team, group, division or an entire global corporation. It defines and uncovers cultural strengths and weaknesses.

Tilt 360 Leadership Predictor
Tilt 360 Leadership Predictor is a clear, easy to use and potent tool to give your leaders insight into how they are perceived as leaders. Tilt 360 challenges your leaders to aspire to transcendence through concise, targeted feedback.

Tilt 360 Team Attitudes Survey
The Tilt Team Attitudes Survey helps you to assess leadership team culture, surfacing issues important to the effectiveness of your team in leading the organization. Refining your understanding of effective leadership and the presence that your leaders bring to the job can open possibilities for new levels of performance.

Tilt 180 Mentor Survey
An effective mentoring relationship balances the dynamic tension between building rapport and focusing on rigorous development. Tilt 180 Mentor Survey offers a tool to use to add insight and focus without minimizing the importance of building the relationship.

Tilt 360 Custom Strategy Alignment
Tilt 180 Custom Strategy Alignment
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We can build a custom 360 that is based on competencies that are targeted to your organization’s strategy and unique needs.