Leadership Culture Solutions

Building Your Leadership Culture
Once you spend time and effort developing leaders, how do you make sure that it happens? We will work with your leaders to effect the shift that fits the needs of your organization. Simply training leaders is not enough. You also have to build in communication and appropriate reinforcements into your organization’s people processes to ensure long term sustainability of your leadership brand.

We will use leading edge tools to guide you through a comprehensive assessment of your organization's climate and leadership culture, giving you the insight you need to define and pursue a practical and effective path forward.

OrgSCAN Climate Assessment Tool
OrgScan Climate Assessment Tool
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OrgSCAN is a scientifically based organizational assessment that is a powerful leadership tool to understand culture (values, attitudes, beliefs and processes) and develop a baseline measure of the culture of an intact team, group, division or an entire global corporation. It defines and uncovers cultural strengths and weaknesses.

Tilt 360 Team Attitudes Survey
The Tilt Team Attitudes Survey helps you to assess leadership team culture, surfacing issues important to the effectiveness of your team in leading the organization. Refining your understanding of effective leadership and the presence that your leaders bring to the job can open possibilities for new levels of performance.